Consider waterproof flooring in every room

Waterproof flooring does a great job of protecting you from water damage. But it offers many other benefits that make it the perfect addition to every room. However, you might not know what you're missing if you don't consider all your choices.

For visual perfection, these materials offer a wide range of looks. Wood, stone, and tile looks are perfect and trendy, regardless of your decor style. And you're sure to find products that are durable enough too.

The decor match you've been waiting for

Waterproof vinyl flooring is an excellent choice for visuals that cater to any decor. You can match existing materials or build a brand new look around your flooring pick. In both cases, you'll appreciate the results for years to come.

Trendy options include all those you see in natural materials. Beachy wood, subway tile, and marble stone are all popular. But there's so much more to consider as you browse all the available products.

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Waterproof floors are very durable

The durability you'll find in waterproof flooring caters to your every need. You'll appreciate scratch and stain protection as much as protection from water damage. That's why they're so perfect for every room in your home.

Even in your busiest areas, these floors perform well. Pet nails, child's play, and wet footprints are all taken in stride. You can even use rugs and runners for added protection in specific spaces.

What about water-resistant flooring?

Water-resistant flooring isn't the same as waterproof materials. They offer protection but only give you a specific time to clean up. After about 72 hours, depending on the flooring brand, damage can begin to settle in.

Waterproof floors can tolerate flood conditions and never become damaged. It's a perfect addition to areas where common dampness, humidity, and spills are. If you have specific questions about the ideal placement of these floors, be sure to ask.
Waterproof flooring in Livonia, MI from The Flooring Company LLC

We have the waterproof flooring you need

At The Flooring Company LLC, we cater to your waterproof flooring needs with products and services alike. Our associates will help you browse all our materials for those that match your needs best. And we'll answer any questions you might have as well.

You can upgrade to waterproof flooring at our showroom in Livonia, MI. Our service areas include Livonia, MI, Detroit, MI, Novi, MI, Southfield, MI, Canton, MI, and Dearborn, MI. And we stand ready to make sure you have your best flooring too.