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The Advantages of Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) has become a popular choice for homeowners in recent years. It offers the beauty of natural materials like wood and stone with the durability and ease of maintenance of vinyl. But what if you could take LVT to the next level? That's where waterproof luxury vinyl flooring comes in.


Waterproof LVT combines all the benefits of traditional LVT with the added advantage of being impervious to moisture. This makes it a perfect choice for high-traffic areas, basements, bathrooms, and kitchens – anywhere you're worried about spills or splashes.


Why choose waterproof luxury vinyl flooring?

There are many reasons why waterproof LVT is a great choice for your home. Here are just a few:


Durability and waterproofness

Luxury vinyl flooring is known for its durability, but waterproof LVT takes it a step further. It's constructed with a special core that won't absorb water, making it resistant to spills, leaks, and even standing water. This makes it ideal for busy households with kids and pets, or for homes in areas prone to flooding.


Easy maintenance

Like all LVT, waterproof options are incredibly easy to maintain. Spills can be cleaned up with a simple mop and a mild cleaner. There's no need for harsh chemicals or waxing, making it a great choice for busy families or those with allergies.


Beautiful aesthetics

Waterproof LVT comes in a wide variety of styles and colors, so you can find a look that perfectly complements your home's décor. It can mimic the look of natural materials like wood and stone, but at a fraction of the cost. Plus, with advancements in digital printing, the visuals are becoming more and more realistic.


Comfortable underfoot

Waterproof LVT is surprisingly comfortable underfoot. Unlike some hard surface flooring options, it has a slight give that makes it easier on your joints. This is especially beneficial for kitchens and bathrooms where you might be standing for long periods.


Easy installation

Many waterproof LVT options are click-lock, which means they can be installed easily with no need for glue or adhesives. This makes them a great DIY project for even the most novice homeowner.



While waterproof LVT may be slightly more expensive than traditional LVT, it's still a very affordable flooring option. When you consider its durability, ease of maintenance, and long lifespan, it becomes a very cost-effective choice.


Sound absorption

Waterproof LVT is a good option for sound absorption. This can be helpful in reducing noise transmission between floors, making it a good choice for apartments or multi-story homes.


Variety of thicknesses

Waterproof LVT comes in a variety of thicknesses, which can be helpful for uneven subfloors.


Elevate your home with waterproof luxury vinyl flooring in Livonia, MI

Waterproof luxury vinyl flooring is a versatile and stylish option that offers a wealth of benefits for homeowners. It's durable, easy to maintain, beautiful, comfortable, and affordable. Whether you're looking for a flooring solution for your kitchen, bathroom, basement, or any other high-traffic area, waterproof LVT is a great choice.


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