Is rigid core flooring waterproof?

Is rigid core flooring waterproof?

Rigid core waterproof flooring delivers many benefits that are sure to be hit in your home, including complete protection from water damage. In addition, thanks to an SPC (stone plastic composite) core layer, you’ll find that these boards do not absorb liquid that can lead to expansion and damage.

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Waterproof floors are different from water-resistant flooring in that they protect you from all water damage without time constraints. Water-resistant materials protect, but only for up to 72 hours on average before damage begins to occur.

If it’s general durability you’re looking for, you’ll find plenty of that in waterproof flooring too. They are so durable that commercial locations often use them for the highest traffic levels.

These floors often come with an attached underlayment, which means you’ll spend less time and money on installation. But it also means that a few uneven spaces in your subfloor will never be a problem, as these products level them out well.

Don’t forget that these materials offer impressive visuals that help create the perfect décor match wherever they’re installed. We look forward to helping you create your waterproof space, so stop by today.

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At The Flooring Company, we provide impressive materials and services that are sure to meet your need, especially when you need waterproof protection. Our products, services, and expertise go a long way toward helping you create the waterproof flooring of your dreams, and our associates are standing by to do that now.

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